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Our missions

The Open Research Data Department (DDOR) develops and implements CNRS policy on data in the broadest sense of the term, whether the data comes from experiments or simulations, is in the form of texts, documents or software or is included in publications. Overall, the department works towards openness in research as defined by the Roadmap for Open Science and the Research Data Plan.

Its working scope covers digital computing and data infrastructures, associated tools and services (data management, curation, documentation, referencing, repositories, making resources available and promotion), publishing and scientific publications. It is particularly responsible for building a joint strategy with CNRS partners and ensuring the consistency of this policy with national, European and international actions.

Who are we?

The Open Research Data Department (DDOR) was created in 2020. It is under the authority of the CNRS Scientific Office (DGDS) and is the result of the merger of the CNRS’s Scientific and Technical Information Department (DIST) and its Computing-Data Mission (MiCaDo).

DDOR CNRS – Organisational chart – March 2021

Interaction with the CNRS’s ten institutes

Its governance is based on a steering committee in which the ten CNRS institutes are represented and which works on establishing a common open science strategy for all scientific communities.

The three CNRS units under the authority of the DDOR

The Institute for Scientific and Technical Information

This is a CNRS research support unit that facilitates access to information and its analysis and mining and promotes scientific production (publications and research data).

The Inist manages the BibCNRS portal, the ISTEX and PANIST platforms for publications and the OPIDoR services for research data.

Inist website

The Center for Direct Scientific Communication

This is a CNRS research support unit whose mission is to provide the French Higher Education and Research (ESR) community with the right tools to archive, disseminate and promote scientific publications and data. The CCSD notably manages the HAL open archive and the Episciences platform for open access to scientific journals.

CCSD website


This is a support and research unit under the supervisory authority of the ENS Lyon and the CNRS which is supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Its main mission is to promote document heritage for the benefit of research by carrying out its dissemination, enrichment and preservation.

Persée website

Find out more

The DDOR publishes resources to accompany the evolution towards open science in research practices involving opening and reusing research data.

The CNRS Roadmap for Open Science

In 2019, the CNRS published its Roadmap for Open Science with the ambition of accelerating the process of change to open science among scientific communities.

 November 18th 2019

Download CNRS Roadmap for Open Science (english version)

The CNRS Research Data Plan

 In 2020, the CNRS published its ‘Research Data Plan’. The aims of this plan are to boost and disseminate the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data culture, promote existing services and tools and support the creation of new practices, services and tools.

November 16th 2020

Download CNRS Research Data Plan (english version)

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